Bad News for the Edinburgh Music Scene – But Can The Forest Be Saved?

It’s a bit worrying when one organisation going bankrupt means the closure of three of Edinburgh’s music venues. This week sees the city wave goodbye to The Roxy Art House, where I’ve attended many great gigs both when  The Bowery was based there, and this year, including the Charity Baw back in July, the GRV where I’ve also had some good nights, and shortly, The Forest.

Update: Apparently the GRV is not connected to the other closures and though it has closed the venue is due to open under another name (and presumably new owners) soon. Thanks to @nonimage for the info.

Not only have  I played live in The Forest myself (and had the microphone I stole off Mark E Smith stolen from me in the process – karma I guess) but I’ve seen some great gigs, especially upstairs – such as Retreat! 2009 and Major Matt Mason. I even saw a riotous Box Wars there, which I wrote about for The List, as pictured.

I’m not sure how much hope there is that it’s possible, but The Forest are asking people to donate so that they can buy the building. I’ve donated something, and maybe you should too. Even if you think the place is just a dive bar full of hippies, you have to realise that this is the kind of venue where real underground talent can flourish, and one of Edinburgh’s finest acts Withered Hand swears by the place so that’s good enough for me.

6 thoughts on “Bad News for the Edinburgh Music Scene – But Can The Forest Be Saved?”

  1. But don’t worry, we’ve got trams coming soon…..possibly. The sense of priority here in edinburgh is very very bad…..and Swinnie has suggested spending £95 million pounds on a spinning wheel “to stimulate interest in the Leith Docks area”. He is a stupid swine.

    1. You may think that Dave, but I cannot possibly comment. To be fair, the Trams were not the fault of the current Scottish Government..

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